Top 10 Packing Tips On Your First Travel

Top 10 packing tips on your first travel

Overburdening your bags, disorganized airline luggage, packing the unnecessary items, or you end up cramming your favorite outfit because you have less space, so you just need to plan ahead your things before your next trip and I will tell you how to do this in a more efficient and smarter way.Here are top 10 packing tips on your first travel.

Top 10 Packing Tips On Your First Travel

Packing Tip # 1: Try Rolling on instead of folding

try rolling your clothes

If you want your dresses to be less wrinkled, not take more space and you end up having them all in your carry luggage then this traveling tip is for you. Try to roll tightly so that they will have fewer fold creases and deep wrinkles.

The easiest way to roll up is to lay tops face down. Fold in their sleeves, make sure if they are fancy, deal with their beads or pearls carefully and then roll them from bottom to upwards. For pants, shorts, or legging place both the legs together and roll them from waist to downwards. 

Put the pants and tops first and then the other various shaped items on the extra spaces like shoes, accessories, and so on.

Always try to pack those fabrics which do not wrinkle easily and are not hard to press so that you will not end up regretting those cotton shirts you took for your trip.

If you have dinner just after you land, then have that outfit on the top. It is always a good idea to plan your outfits for the number of days you stay on your trip. 

Packing Tip # 2: Liquids!!


The most important traveling tip is, Liquids. They can ruin your stuff so before ending up regretting yourself be careful. Remember that according to TSA, all the solutions you bought on the plane should be a 3.4- ounce bottle or less than that with a clear and quart-size zip-top bag.

This is the condition with the hand-carry or purses. Remember that liquids like soup, mascara, foundation, perfumes, clotted creams, and so are NOT allowed.

Packing Tip # 3: How to select best Luggages

how to select the best lugage

The heavy designer suitcases might look trendy and fashionable but I would prefer you to go for the lightweight suitcases as the heavier the suitcases are, the lesser you can carry things with you.

So be careful while purchasing them. One more thing I want to share is you must check the zips/ buttons/ tyres of the luggages, do not compromise on quality ever and you will regret later.

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Packing Tip # 4: Packing an iron is a MUST


Even after arranging all the stuff carefully, you will still end up having the wrinkles or creases which you will feel bad about on your outfits. So it is much better to have a portable iron with you in your luggage. The smaller ones, easy to carry and take up little space but surely be helpful for future touch-ups.

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Packing Tip # 5: Setting the luggage

select the lugage

Try to put the heavier items at the bottom and the light ones at the top of your luggage. So it would not harm your belongings. Keep the delicate items in the bubble wrap or fold them into a foamy material. The key is to be organized as much as possible and take everything separately in a different pack bag for you to travel.

Packing Tip # 6: Airline baggage fee-policy

airline baggage fee policy

Do not forget to search and compare the fee policy before you book your tickets this helps you pack accordingly. Mostly one bag is allowed on international flights, mostly extra luggage will cost more by the airlines. 

Choose your personal belongings mindfully as it has to be extra spacious with compartments so that it would be easier for you to travel with your stuff safely.  There are some specific sizes like a laptop bag, purse or backpacks are allowed. Thank me later for this traveling tip !

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Packing Tip # 7: Hide your valuable belongings

hide your valuables

The worst scenario is to get robbed during a vacation or trip, it will cause much hustle and could make you stressed throughout your stay. So it is better to take precautionary measures and be extra careful about your valuable items like credit cards,  jewelleries, or cash. 

The best ways are to put them in such places where they are less suspected like the shampoo container or a hidden pocket inside your socks. But do not place such things there which you want frequently cause that would be much embarrassing.

Packing Tip # 8: Things not allowed on board

things not allowed
  • Drinks- all the drinks even water
  • Liquids/ semi-liquids – Soup, mascara, cream, honey, peanut butter, contact lenses solutions 
  • Sprays- Shaving foams, hairsprays, deodorants
  • Gels- hair gel, toothpaste
  1. As I have already stated in the Liquids about the exact amount of liquid you can carry on board but there are more things which you have to be aware of before your takeoff.   
  2. You can not take such objects which could harm the passengers like a sharp blade, metal objects not even a metallic keychain/ toy.
  3. Even if you need the liquid medicine you can not take more than 100 ml of that essential object with you but you can ask that from your respected flight attendant in advance.
  4.  You are not permitted to carry the tool box with you containing the screw drivers, deiller, pliers or saws. 
  5. Lithium batteries are not allowed in your luggages and not in your hands even because these batteries catch fire when exposed to air and you need to be careful about the batteries inside your laptops, mobile phones and other items.   

Packing Tip # 9: Carrying a lighter on a plane?


You may wonder but Yes you can actually carry a single lighter with you but you need to put them in a plastic transparent bag of 20cm x 20 cm and that have to be passed by the security check too. But you are not allowed to smoke on a flight so don’t even think of that.

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Packing Tip # 10: How to carry liquids in hand luggages

So uptill now we have already discussed what and what not to be taken on your next flight but do you actually know how to carry the permissible amount of liquid with you? 

Here are some advices listed:

  • Take a 100ml bottle  for each liquid you want to carry with you
  • All the bottles must be set in a clear plastic bag of 20cm x 20 cm
  • One plastic bag is allowed for a single passenger
  • Bags should pass through the security check 

The maximum amount of liquid is One litre

In A Nutshell

These top 10 packing tips on your first travel are all gathered for you safe and better experience, there are much more you will notice when you will actually experience in person. Be sure to keep an eye to your belongings and do not leave that alone even if you need to go to the toilet. Beware of the frauds or robbers there.

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