How to lose weight – 10 best effective Tips

How to lose weight - 10 best effective Tips

Are you worried about the extra pounds you have put up? Or do you need some effective ideas to lose your weight faster? Or you don’t want to be on a diet and still want to lose weight? Are you tired of cutting down your calories but it does not help anymore? Or are you stuck at a weight and finding no progress now? You are at the right place! 

Counting down calories is not always effective as sometimes there are several other reasons like hormonal imbalance, vitamin deficiency, etc. I would recommend you see a doctor first to get to know where the real problem lies.

The conventional idea of eating less and moving more is still effective but with more research, we have found ten best effective tips which help you to lose weight easily without making you craving or starving for more food.

One thing I would like to mention before we move forward to our losing weight tips, promise yourselves that these tips will be the part of your lifestyle so after losing weight make sure you will not put up again a few pounds back.

10 Best Effective Tips – How to lose weight

01. Sleeping Routine

Sleeping routine

Your bad sleeping habit may result in an increase in weight. A good 8-hours deep sleep at night is what your body needs but if you are not fulfilling it then it may affect your mental as well as physical health. Insufficient sleep causes stress, depression, mood swings, forgetfulness, unfocusing mind or a fuzzy head, and so on. Studies have proven that sleep prevention can result in obesity, 89% in Children, and 55% in Adults.

02. Have More Protein

have more protein

Having a good protein diet while avoiding carbohydrates is a really effective way to lose weight. Add the low-fat protein to each meal of your day, so you will not bother to feel hungry. Add the things to your next grocery lists like buts, low-fat yogurt, eggs (in breakfast usually), beans, lean meats, or peanut butter.

I recommend you to keep eating in fewer portions so that your blood sugar level will stay steady.

03. Start Your Day with a Healthy Breakfast

healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the first and necessary meal of the day as the name suggests “fast”, it is the refueling of the body after the overnight fasting. You might have heard it already that eating breakfast is important but you might not know why?

“The quality of your workout could be compromised if you don’t fuel your body before.” – Collison

A good breakfast should contain the main portions of dairy, fruits, and vegetables as a source of vitamins and eggs or other sources of protein.

“Eating breakfast has long term health benefits. It can reduce obesity, high blood pressure, heart diseases, and diabetes.” – NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE

Starting your breakfast with having honey is a Sunnah and has many benefits too.

04. Make Yourself Persistent

be persistent

The weight loss I am explaining to you is not for a limited time or till you hit your demanded waist-length but it is a complete lifestyle. You need to learn how to stay healthy instead of just wanting to look like your favorite actress in the magazine. Do not let the beauty standards fool you and misguide you for the sake of your health.

One important thing to know is maybe if you have a little more weight than usual and you have started losing it quite fast that means it is because of the water loss. As soon as you get closer to the ideal weight, the loss of losing weight gets slower, don’t worry just try your best.

05. Learn The Tricks

learn the tricks

Eating low-calorie food items like fruits and vegetables could help you to have a natural way to lose weight without feeling hungry all the time. Learn to replace, replace your fat meat with a bunch of vegetables on your plate. 

Some researches say that eating in a small bowl will help you reduce the portion of your daily meal. Sometimes in restaurants the meal served is extra than what our body needs, cut down the extra portion of that. Learn to know the difference between, eating to fulfill your needs and eating to satisfy your cravings. But remember, you can always have an extra on cheat days!

Barbara Rolls, author of The Volumetrics Eating plan suggested kicking off your lunch or dinner with the bowl of broth-soup. 

The more artificially made things you reduce from your diet, the more you have a natural reduction of weight. Enrich your plate with vitamins, nutritions, protein, and minerals. You will notice the freshness it takes to your weight,  skin, hair, or even complexion.

06. Control Your Temptations

control your temptation

I know how hard it is but it’s not impossible though. Choosing healthy things is not easy standing at a mart where you have a number of other choices in front of your eyes. Developing a new taste is hard and harder if you are really choosy in terms of the taste of food.

Be sure that you have to make the healthiest choice for your body first only then you should be able to choose the whole grains in front of refined grains like bread, cookies, pizza, as it has more fiber so it fills up your tummy faster, use honey or brown sugar instead of white sugar. Likewise go for brown rice, olive oil, fish, sweet potatoes, nuts, pulses, etc. 

Restrict your needless snacking white sitting and munching in front of your television, while being up till late night reading your favorite book and so on. My best friend locks the fridge and the kitchen at night so the people will not have the late-night snacks except for Sunday in the whole week. I found it a good practice to make rules about your eating habits.

07. Measuring Progress Is Tricky

measuring success

Counter your every single pound as it supports you to step ahead and work more yourself. The best way to measure is the BMI -Body Mass Index measurement as this is easy and understandable by everyone. Secondly, you can measure more areas like legs, tummy, arms, etc. Do not worry about the fluctuation up and down in your weight as it depends upon the digestion and do not worry about the short-term progress instead work on the long-term trend.

08. Increase Walk

increase walk

Set a goal for yourself! Get up and be more active, for example, make an estimate of 10,000 steps a day. Now push yourself every single day to achieve the target, take your kids out for the park, walk to the Walmart in your area, or you can also walk during the television commercials.

09. Losing Hope?

losing hope

It is a quite common practice that you feel motivated once you read or hear someone’s story about weight loss and you are good to start your journey too. But the hurdles come to your way and you find it hard or your priority changes. 

Better to be with some motivational speaker, follow more pages on social media, have a complete diet plan, and most importantly Enjoy your journey!

10. Do not Fool Yourself!

do not fool yourself

Some people take juices for breakfast but I suggest the energy drinks after a good run. This can surely not satisfy your daily cravings as solid food could but affect your diet badly. So it is much better to eat instead of drinking. 

Always satisfy your thirst with water instead of cold drinks but you want to use sparkling water with citrus, skim milk, or fresh juice without added sugar. A glass of vegetable juice is preferable over your other drinks. But be sure you need to have a limited amount to eat and still fulfill your body’s needs.

In A Nutshell

Change your lifestyle slowly but on a daily basis, improve sleep, add a workout routine, eat healthily, and be happy to all the blessings you have in this life!


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