How to deal with Postpartum Depression after Childbirth

You know one can be a great mon and still struggle with postpartum depression after childbirth . Mothers’ responsibilities are too much, not wrong if I would sum up it saying a full-time duty with no holidays at all.

Thousands of moms go through this postpartum depression after childbirth, due to many body changes, emotional and physical pain, severe blood loss, urgent surgery, hormonal changes, sleep deprivation, isolation, fatigue, and many more reasons. This will affect the relationship with partners, newborns, and close ones too. If someone is emotionally, physically, and mentally shattered then it is totally fine to take time, space, and professional help or guidance other than dragging the situation to get worse.

Seeing a lot of cases in these times about postpartum means it is not a joke and should be taken seriously. One more thing to keep in mind is that not everyone is comfortable saying what they are feeling open, and many do not even know they are leading towards depression so better to get a checkup with your doctor who can clearly guide you about your situation.

1. Build your self-confidence | Accept your body changes

You are turned to a new phase of life, the beauty of a mother can not be denied by anyone on this earth. This transformation is amazing and so you are. The weight you gained, the stretch marks you see daily, and the aches your body survives every day are what will worth in the end. The baby you have will become an incredible loving soul because you will raise her/him in this way.

Do not rush to lose weight early, consult your doctor first before doing any exercise or diet.

2.  Exercise is antidepressant

Researches have proven that the exercise can help women and men to get out of their depression same it works well in PPD too. You can walk in having a baby in a stroller or try treadmill /cycling might help. I prefer to go out and have a walk in a park to refresh the mind and body both as walking is found to be a way to ease postpartum depression after childbirth.

3. Healthy eating habits

Eating junk is fast and time-saving but this will worsen your condition so it is much better to eat raw nutritious food and have a proper meal because your body is healing through this period. It is good to plan the meal for the week on the weekends and also to prepare and freeze some for rainy days.

4. Have a “ME TIME”

ME time could be when your baby has slept, or when you have someone to take care of the baby and all you do is to sit and do what you love doing for yourself. Read a book, watch a video, play games, make puzzles, have a nap, take a nursing session, do yoga or meditation. Take this once a week.

5.   Try to speak yourself

Find a shoulder to cry on, get connected with friends or family that can give support, don’t judge, and offer reassurance. Share the experience with someone – good or bad, ugly or beautiful with someone you can share face to face.

Additionally, find the people who have been through the same phase, facing the same transition into motherhood. Find a good place to meet the moms, talk to them, and learn how they manage their life as new parents, take notes, and just try your best. Other than that let me assure you are the best mom to your kid already! Do not underestimate your own self.

6. Sleep peacefully

The eight hours of sound sleep is essential for everyone but with a newborn, it is much harder. But it is essential to have a proper sleep, try making the milk bottle earlier and giving it to your partner before sleep in this case your sleep will not be disturbed.

7. Partner’s Advice

The partner here reading this I have tips for you too because you will play an important part in her life and the life you both took to this world. Cutting it short and to the point here are the tips for partners dealing with postpartum depression:

  • Give her little surprises, and sometimes a big one too. All she needs is that you care for her, women want to hear and feel that you care even if you are not expressive. Be one at that time she needs that the most.
  • Take time out and talk to her about herself, her day, her personal issues, and so on. Apart from the baby, show her that you care for her as much you are concerned about the baby.
  • Appreciate! Please do admit that this is the key for both of the partners. We, humans, want to be appreciated for little things, it is natural and it doubles the energy. A mum’s job is no less even if you talk about breastfeeding, it takes a lot of effort for her to take care of that baby.
  • Be honest, but do not break her little heart. Women are vulnerable creations, they get upset about little things on which men do not even think about. Respect the other’s way of thinking and remind her that she is beautiful despite her body changes to build her confidence level up!
  • Help her with the house chores, give her rest and peace of mind.
  • If you felt like she is crying, being moody, getting panic attacks or aggressive DO NOT leave her side. I repeat DO NOT leave her like that or if you have to please keep calling/messaging to have a check if she is doing okay or not.
  • Last but not least, avoid doing things that trigger her anxiety.

8. When to visit a doctor?

Many mothers are reluctant to admit that they are facing huge issues like postpartum depression after childbirth. Be serious, book an appointment, and see a doctor. There are some symptoms that you should know are as below:

  • Loose focus or disorientation
  • Inability to sleep (insomnia)
  • Feeling anxious, could not take care of the baby well
  • Hard to complete daily chores
  • Thoughts of hurting yourself or baby
  • Obsessive thoughts about the baby
  • Paranoia

Moreover, there are many Health Call Centers where getting help is really easy. You can find it out easily from where you live.

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