Best Tips to Prevent Diaper Rash

tips to prevent diaper rash

Your baby could have diaper rash due to simple ignorance, infrequent changing of diapers, sensitive skin, or chafing. As the skin of the baby is so sensitive and sometimes allergic to chemicals used in the creation of diapers. Therefore, we have formulated a list of tips to prevent diaper rash of your little one.

Babies felt more uncomfortable because of the painful diaper rash, you will feel the change in their behavior or it might affect their night sleep or nap time. The fuss is often noticed if that area is washed, or touches (even the diaper touches that area of sensitive skin). 

It is really important to make sure if your baby is having a diaper rash at the end of the day as they mostly grow in the damp or warm places. The good thing about it is that it can easily be cured if taking the tips I am providing below but make sure you see a doctor if the diaper rash is not cured in 2-3 days because once it gets serious it could cause bleeding.

Best Tips to Prevent Baby Rash

Tip # 1. Prevent Over Tightening of Diapers

over tightening of diapers

Tight diapers will prevent the skin from exposure to fresh air, this could cause the diaper rash or increase the once already exist. Try not overtight the diaper as it will increase the chafing at the waist and thighs.

Try frequently changing of diapers in case of high sensitivity or diarrhea. Check that the size of the diaper is also well-fitted.

Tip # 2. Make it Clean and Dry

keep it clean and dry

To prevent diaper rash make sure the diaper is not always wet as it will only worsen the condition. Change it as soon as it’s soiled. The best way is to make a time of a day to avoid diapers and let the skin have direct contact with the fresh air. Every time you change the diaper, lay them down on a towel make it dry and use petroleum jelly or a rash cream then make them wear the diaper again.

Tip # 3. Avoid Alcohol Wipes

avoid alcohol wipes

The cleaning process is important to tackle with care and knowledge. The best way is to wash every time you change the diaper with mild hot water as this prevents bacterial growth. Do not rub skin much or scrub the infected area.

Use soap if needed, but do not use the wipes with alcohol and remember to BE GENTLE.

Tip # 4. Use Jellies and Creams

Use jellies and creams

One more thing you can try is to apply the cream or petroleum jelly but make sure they do not have much fragrance or dyes as skins are sensitive to anything like these too. Jellies may stick to the diaper and perform the role of a barrier so hard to wash off.

If you are looking for a diaper rash cream with no phthalates, paraben, petrolatum, or sodium lauren sulfate, checkout this Burt’s Bees Baby Bee. The ingredients are natural having the almond oil, proteins, vitamin D. Another multi-purpose ointment is the Auaphot, the best thing about it is that it is fragrance-free, dye-free, and preservation-free. They claim that it is clinically proven to prevent diaper rash after six hours of application, so it’s a good product to try out. One more is the Balmax which is having active ingredients to prevent severe diaper rash.

One last I must suggest you all is the Earth Mama Angel Bottom Balm, it is formulated by a nurse herbalist and is free from petroleum, toxins, mineral oil, vitamin E, and parabens. This is antibacterial and antifungal organic products like calendula. The only disadvantage I found is that it is an expensive product on my list as compare to the above creams.

Tip # 5. Things to Keep Away from

things to keep away from

One of the tips to prevent diaper rash is to think out the items or things to keep away from your little ones. There is a list of things that should be avoided in the case of diaper rash. I am making them bulleted to make an easy checklist.

Tip # 6. Oatmeal Bath

oatmeal bath

Researchers have shown that the colloidal oatmeal might slow the inflammation in the skin.  It may reduce the pain and itching that is caused due to diaper rash. In many pieces of research, the fact is known as the oatmeal is a natural ingredient used as a cleanser for skin, skin healer, as well as a moisturizer.

After telling you these benefits let me introduce you with a  Recipe of Oatmeal Bath.


  • ¾ cup oats
  • ½ cup baking soda
  • ¼ cup coconut milk
  • 1 tbsp frankincense hydrosol
  • Nourishing oil (optional)


In a blender mix top three ingredients well and keep them in a cleaned jar for the time of use.

At the time of use, take ¼ of the mixture and add hydrosol. Let that oatmeal bath soak for the 20 minutes or more then use it for the bath. Be cautious getting out of the tub as it may be slippery.

Tip # 7. Method of Washing Cloth Diapers

cloth diapers

If you are using the cloth diapers, make sure that you are using it carefully to prevent the diaper rashes. Clean the cloth, the soap residue will not be left and also disinfect.

Practical methods I am sharing with you:

  • Soak the cloth diapers in cold water.
  • Wash the diapers in hot water with bleach and detergents. Use of bleach to kill the germs, and also the vinegar to wash in every single cycle as it will reduce the bad odors. Make sure to rinse out the soap residue left.
  • Skip the fabric softeners, dryer sheets as they cause irritation to the skin because of fragrances.

In A Nutshell

The diaper rash if not taken care of can worsen the condition. Secondary fungal or yeast infection might be developed called candidiasis making skin look more raw and bright.

Sometimes “Satellite lesions” could also be developed on the skin with red spottings in the diaper area, abdomen, and thighs.

You need to see a doctor if the condition worsens and any of the symptoms you notice. The doctor could diagnose it better and suggest the appropriate antifungal cream accordingly or you can try our tips to prevent diaper rash.

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