Best Baby Monitors To Buy In 2020

best baby monitors to buy

You want to keep an eye on your baby’s every movement but this is not possible to be around the baby for every hour of each day. It is feasible to have a check while you are busy with some other chores in another corner of your house. Here are some best Baby monitors to buy that will help you with this problem of yours giving you peace of mind for having extra eyes and ears on your baby. The best baby monitor helps you alert on when your baby is awake from a nap, or the temperature is increased or decreased (the recommended temperature for the nursery is between 68 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit).

If you are new to parenthood and you feel panic while keeping your baby alone to sleep. It’s a usual feeling and it’s normal to feel like that but know that the works need to continue and the chores need to get done also.

Are They Actually Safe?

One of the biggest concerns of parents about the baby monitor is that they try to know what are the risks of having a baby monitor. Are they safe, or do someone could easily hack them and control your feed?

The answer is yes, this is a serious concern but the security depends upon the brand’s security features and your router’s firmware.

Best Rated Baby Monitors

The main features of baby monitors should be seen to know what are your needs and what is available in the market to cater to them. The main features include the ones I am going to discuss below:

1. Interconnectivity

The more cameras you can connect to cover as many areas as you wish is the main feature of the baby monitor. It is usually asked to have an eye at your newborn child.

2. Room Temperature Tracker

The temperature sensor allows you to know what is the temperature of the nursery. As it’s already discussed that the ideal temperature is between 68 to 72 Fahrenheit. But this feature is not necessary if you already have a temperature sensor in your house or the weather does not any issue in your vicinity

3. Sound and Motion Sensor

If you wonder how long your little one has been awakened then this could help you. This feature allows you to know exactly on time when your bundle of joy wakes up from sleep. As soon as he awakes the monitor display screen brightens up or sends you a notification about the baby.

4. Zooming

The best baby monitors allow you to zoom the camera and look around your kid in a more close-up view. Look for the more zooming capacity, pan or tilt so you can have a check while in another room.

5. Night Light View

At night you need to have a recognizable vision of your baby. The best baby monitors offer sharp, to display the black and white view clearly. You better need to check the automatic nigh vision enable the option so if you forget you can still have it enabled.

6. Battery

It is the biggest concern and must check before you by any baby monitor. Some have the rechargeable batteries. The good baby monitors have a minimum of 10-12 hours of audio or 8-10 hours of screen time.

List of Five Best Baby Monitors To Buy

You can also see, Amazon’s best sellers find yourself a baby monitor that will cater to your needs.


  1. It provides ease and comfort to watch your little one.
  2. Lens has a wide-angle so you can efficiently look around your baby’s room.
  3. The monitors could efficiently control more than one camera.
  4. Easily be wifi connected.
  5. Some baby monitors offer a secure band connection. You can consider it if you have security issues.
  6. Good baby monitors could also record the videos for you.
  7. The baby monitors can also be controlled by your smart devices.
  8. The sound containing melodies could also be recorded in your own voices so that the baby could be entertained for some time.

In A Nutshell

Moreover, there are also many many other gadgets that can help you with your kid’s sleeping habits. One of them is Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise, another which is also liked by many parents and is much cheaper is Zazu Kids Pam The Penguin Sleep, and this one has the all-in-all sleep helper which plays the music, stars also shine on the wall or ceiling giving a soothing look and distract the baby from crying, oh and it also has a night plugin too Fisher-Price Smart Connect Deluxe Soother.

Check out these best 5 baby monitors to buy for your little ones and sleep peacefully from now on.

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