Best 10 Fitness Motivation Tips That Will Keep You Going

Fitness Motivation Tips That Will Keep You Going

Are you getting enough time for staying fit? The lack of motivation for the gym, not wanting to go for the walk or start your treadmill, bored with yoga, friends are not coming for sports, or just being lazy in your cozy bed. Your body deserves your time, so invest in yourself first with our best 10 Fitness Motivation Tips!

Eat healthily and move your body for yourself. Although there are thousands of excuses not to start getting fit but believe me you will never ever regret this decision of yours.

Your body deserves time, care, and attention which we often ignore in the chores of life. I have a few tips which can surely help you to stay motivated and fit but before you go ahead make sure not to make it like a new year resolution because then it could never be achieved 😉

Best 10 Fitness Motivation Tips That Will Keep You Going

1- Take Achievements Snapshots

Take Achievement Snapshot

Taking your snapshots for instance before you start workout so after you achieve your desired outcome you can compare and boost your motivation. Believe me, it works, the more you achieve the more motivation you will create for yourself. It might slow progress but it is really worth your time. 

One more thing you can do is to search for inspiring quotes and get them printed on the posters. Put them on the walls of your exercise room, they will also act as reminders for you.

The best thing is that at the end of the day you will feel more productive throughout the day and feel the more positive energy from inside.

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2- Gift A Bounty To Yourself

gift a bounty to yourself

It’s an old school technique that the teacher tells the students that they will get a game period after the course is half done or the class performs well in the test. Gift yourself something after every little achievement, set small goals, and treat yourself for accomplishing it. 

This advice could also help you to also achieve a lifetime goal. But make sure that you will not have a chocolate bar or something that affects your goal. Make it something you love doing or having.

Treat Yourself !!

3- Buy A Classy Sweatsuit

buy a classy sweatsuit

Getting a new pair of shoes, a sweatsuit, a stretch band is a good way of self-motivation. It enhances the urge for setting up your new motivation. If you are starting your workout with a new sweatshirt which you love more than any other outfit in your wardrobe as compared to an old rough T-shirt then this idea will surely help you.

Go out and show your new addition to your fellows and encourage them too. Have a fresh start with more positive energy. My favorite place for the stretchable leggings is Lucas, the reliable shoes from Adidas and Asics.

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4- Don’t Take Your Health For Granted

dont take your health for granted

Health is wealth- a quote which is so common but we never looked into its meaning. Real wealth is what helps us to have a better mind, soul, and body. The key is to have a healthy diet and exercise.

5- Install A Health App

install a health app

Track your progress with every step you take or every meal you intake. It will surely help you know the number of calories you have consumed. But remember to start slow, many people have seen to start fast at first but later they lose motivation. Better to give your body little rests and start over. Do not overburden yourself at the start. There are hundreds of health apps available free to track your walk, eating habits, provide advice, and so on.

Some of the apps are listed below:

  • C25K. 
  • Blogilates. 
  • Sworkit
  • Strava Running and Cycling
  • Daily Yoga

6- Try A Variety Of Exercises

try a variety of exercise

Being motivated needs to change the routine often. It’s human nature that we get bored easily. DO NOT LET YOURSELF FEEL THIS WAY. I would suggest even if you love your power walk and can combat your training fitness video you still need to go for some new things, your mind will thank you for that later on. Do not afraid to shake things up every now and then.

Going exercise with a partner also prevents you from laziness and it will surely be harder for you to miss days of workout.

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7- Prioritize Your Health

prioritize your health

Researches show that the people who take care of their fitness more are more likely to stay productive throughout their professional life than those who do not.

8- Engage With Like-Minded People

engage with like minded people

Make friends who are fitness conscious, join groups on social media to learn more about the realistic ways to lose weight, read their stories, ask them your queries, stay updated about the new trends, and researches will surely help you more to achieve your goal.

9- Try HIIT

try hiit

It’s a current buzz-phrase. If you have really limited time and want to have a quick result then try out this –High-Intensity Interval Training. The great thing with HIIT is that you can do this anywhere, it has easy steps and the exercises are done in sets with the short breaks. But I can bet, that this will make you enough sweaty. The methods as you go deep has stair climbing, cycling, skipping, swimming, circuits, etc.

10 – Set A Goal

set a goal

According to Harward Health Publishing, exercise helps you to boost mood, control appetite, and improve sleep. It also prevents you from deadly diseases like heart stroke, dementia, depression, different cancers, and so on. 

Many people have been seen as an improvement in their diseases by adding exercises in their routines. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention recommend the following:

For Adults:

Every adult has to perform moderate aerobic exercise for at minimum 150 minutes like brisk walking, spinning, or running or 75 minutes of exhaustive exercises like pushups, planks, or squats every week.

For strength training of muscles– two days a week for legs, hips, back, abdomen, chest, shoulders, and arms. The exercises including wright lifts, sit-ups, or using resistance bands.

For Children:

Kids should be physically active for at least 60 minutes a day with aerobics. Moreover, the children should also do vigorous exercise and strength training too.

In A Nutshell

The best advice I got from Run Fat Bitch Run is to just get out of your house even if you are not feeling to go for walk. Get up, put your leggings and shoes on to start for the day’s exercise. That’s the thing, try having more strength and a good start for yourself.

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