These helpful tips for your first family hike is an extraordinary way to pull your children from their screens and spend time together in nature. Regardless of whether you visit a nearby park with a trail framework or you travel to faraway destinations to discover new places to explore, there are a lot of spots to hike and there are areas that are ideal for every family.

Getting ready for your first family hike can seem to be somewhat tricky, particularly if you are bringing little kids along. Hiking with your children is an incredible way to enable them to associate with nature at an early age, but it can be somewhat scary. Rest assured, however, that with a little bit of cautious planning, your first family hiking experience will go off easily. Continue reading for some supportive tips for your first family hike.

1. Ensure Everyone Is Dressed Appropriately

dressed properly

There is no compelling reason to go out and purchase a bunch of extravagant hiking gear for your first trek, yet it is essential to ensure everybody is dressed appropriately. Look at the climate before you head and pick garments that are reasonable.

On a gentle spring or summer day, a lightweight t-shirt and some comfortable jeans work admirably for laid-back hikes. If the temperature is cooler or you are going on an increasingly strenuous hike, it is ideal to dress in layers.

2. Expect to Get Dirty


A family hike isn’t the perfect time to wear a new shirt or outfit. Basic t-shirts that you wouldn’t mind getting messy and dirty are a much better decision. Pick appropriate footwear for everybody. Indeed, even on a straightforward hike, flip-flops are not appropriate.

Everybody should wear a couple of shoes or boots that are comfortable and give sufficient support. Your children may protest about wearing sneakers rather than flip-flops or sandals, however, trust us, they will whine more if they wear the wrong shoes and end up with throbbing feet halfway through the hike!

3. Keep It Simple

keep it simple

Your first hike together as a family shouldn’t be anything elaborate. Actually, you should attempt to keep it as simple and comfortable as much as possible.

For children, hiking is about the experience. If that first experience is definitely not a fun one, you will experience difficulties getting them to go out once more. Pick a trail that is moderately simple and not very long. A loop that is generally flat is a decent decision. Try to discover a destination with fascinating features like a waterfall, lake or stream. Divert attention to different animals and birds or try to recognize the trees you encounter. Keep up a leisurely pace and make it about having a great time.

Try not to be hesitant to go slow. When you are hiking with your family, it ought to be about the adventure rather than the destination. If you don’t make it right to the end of your planned hike, it’s no big deal. Exploring is similarly fulfilling and giving your children a chance to do it will help build their adoration and love for nature.

4. Pack the Right Gear

pack the right gear

Once more, there is no compelling reason to go out and purchase whole sporting goods of hiking gear. It is significant, however, to load up a backpack with certain essentials. Whenever you are going on a hike, it’s good to bring a medical aid unit and a couple of emergency supplies, including a lighter/matches/fire starter, emergency safe house and water filter or chemical purification tablets. If anybody in your family has hazardous allergies, pack an Epi-pen. In zones where venomous snakes are common, a snake bite kit is a savvy investment.

You ought to apply sunscreen before you head out, but on the other hand, it’s a smart thought to carry some with you for touch-ups. Lip balms that give SPF insurance is an unquestionable requirement, as well. Bug spray ought to likewise be applied before you begin your hike however carry the can with you to apply. Search for a good quality spray that is figured to fight mosquitoes as well as ticks. If your children are young, search for an item that is safe for them.

Get enough water for everybody in the family. If you are going on a short hike, a bottle or two for each individual ought to be adequate. It never hurts to bring extra, however, just if you end up being out longer than anticipated. Pack some high-protein snacks, as well, similar to jerky or energy bars. Obviously, ensure you have snacks that your children will really eat, as well. Stop for snacks as often as possible. Having successive snacks instead of waiting for larger meals helps keep kids invigorated and can keep them from getting drained and cranky.

If you have babies or newborn children, bring a couple of extra diapers or Pull-Ups and wipes. A change of clothes could be a lifesaver, as well. Keep a couple of plastic bags for used diapers, food wrappers and other waste that you may make en route. Bring along some fun stuff, as well. Binoculars and a magnifying glass fill in as the ideal devices for helping your children make stunning disclosures along the trail. Remember a camera to capture all of those memories!

5. Have Fun!

have fun

With regards to getting your children interested in hiking, making it fun is important. Keep your children motivated and ensure they are having fun by creating games they can appreciate on the trail. Think of a scavenger hunt, identify different kinds of wildflowers or search for birds that are local to the region in which you are hiking.

Engage with your children and let them explore. Tell your children how proud you are of them and how well they are hiking. Reveal to them they’re strong, fast and all around amazing. Encouraging reinforcement is an integral asset that will help make your first hike an enjoyable one and make kids want to go out once more.

End Note

It pays to be prepared, particularly amid energizing adventures like hiking. Take advantage of it by remembering these helpful tips for your first family hike!

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