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Best sippy cups according to moms and pediatricians. The absolute most popular questions in the different Facebook parent groups I belong to are about sippy cups. Mothers ask, “Which ones don’t spill?” Or, “Which ones do your children like?”

Some even ask, “Which one will my child really drink from?”

I, myself, have bought different sippy cups trying to find out the ideal one for my now 15-month-old. It tends to be frustrating.

So, while it’s about experimentation with regards to finding the correct one for your child, I’ve come to the conclusion that there are certain things you should pay special attention to.

When would it be a good idea for you to present a sippy cup for your baby?

Your baby or toddler needs an alternative to the bottle; you can begin presenting sippy cups as early as four months.

Your baby can sit upright. Most children start utilizing sippy cups somewhere in the range of six and nine months of age when the children can sit up and eat solid food as well.

Step by step instructions to pick the best sippy cup for little babies and toddlers

Pick a sippy cup with two handles. The best sippy cups, to begin with, are trainer cups, which are the ones with two handles.

Search for a delicate nipple. A delicate nipple is good because it’s like a bottle nipple, and the child has already excelled at this way of drinking

Search for a cup that is difficult to spill. You could try a 360 cup with two handles, which is progressively similar to drinking from a standard cup. The 360 cups are an awesome decision since you can drink from anywhere on the rim and it seals itself back up so it is hard to spill.

Best Sippy Cups For Babies

After utilizing a lot of various sippy cups on my own son and conversing with a top pediatrician about what to search for, these are the best sippy cups I’ve found.

Our picks for the best sippy cups for babies

1.NUK Learner Sippy Cup

Out of all the trainer cups I personally tried, this one is mine and my child’s top pick. It’s simple for him to hold and use, however when he tosses it on the floor, water doesn’t go all over the place.

Our Best Picks For NUK Learner Sippy Cup

2. Munchkin Miracle 360 Trainer Cup

This cup gets the most love from mothers in the majority of my Facebook parent groups. The babies use it and cherish it. It’s a trainer cup for drinking out of a normal cup, making it a simpler transition for when that time eventually comes. It’s additionally simple to clean. The main problem is that if you have a child who wants to toss things on the ground (like mine), this cup regularly spills on impact.

3. Nuby No-Spill Super Spout Easy Grip Cup

In case you’re past the trainer handles, yet at the same time need a delicate spout cup, this is an extraordinary choice. It has a contoured, grippy base which makes it simple for children to hold. My child and I love this one, and it doesn’t spill — what more might you request for?

Best Sippy cups for older children

Have an older kid who can benefit from a sippy cup? Here are the means by which to locate the best sippy cups for older children and get children to drink from them:

Get kids comfortable with straws. Many pediatricians prescribe straw sippy cups without the handles for older children. The straw sippy cups may even help with children who have speech issues.

Try hard lip sippy cups. If your child is older and you’re packing meals for daycare, this is a decent choice, since — in theory — the cup shouldn’t spill in a lunch box.

Our picks for the best sippy cups for children

1. Philips Avent My Bendy Straw Cup

Besides the fun and interesting colors, this straw cup is a great decision because of how well it functions. It will be a great transition to a straw for your child, who was accustomed to tipping his bottle and spout sippy cups back. The bent straw assists with that transition.

2. CamelBak eddy Kids Water Bottle

This is an Amazon success in the children’s water bottles category. The straw ones are the easiest to transition to. The best thing about this one is that it falls apart and is easy to clean.

3. Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle

If you would prefer not to use a plastic sippy cup, think about this stainless steel and silicone one. A few mothers in one of my Facebook group raved about it. “We presented it at six months, and today, at 16 months, our little person is great at remaining hydrated with water. It additionally has the appearance of a grown-up water bottle, which will make children feel extra adult.

4. The First Years Take and Toss Spill-Proof Sippy Cups

Moms cherish these Take and Toss cups. They are cheap. They’re very easy to clean, it is OK if they get lost; moms usually do not feel bad about it. But you can’t place them in your bag when they’re loaded up with water since they’ll spill.

In A Nutshell

I hope these sippy cups will help your child’s transition to sippy cups.

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